Kitty Korner is an easy to install pet door that let’s your feline roam freely throughout your home!


Kitty Korner is an easy to install Pet portal! You can attach our one of a kind patented hinge to any existing interior door, hollow or solid. It only takes one cut! Included is a template to make the perfect cut, every time. Keep your Kitty Korner door open or closed, it will lock in place either way! Keep would-be kitty litter burglars out of your kitty’s room and let your precious feline roam free throughout your home!


There's a Kitty Korner for everyone.

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The Kitty Korner is awesome! LARGE CAT APPROVED. Keeps my dog out of the cat box!
— Rachel Johnson, Alabama
This is an Amazing invention. Allows Cats to have their own space without leaving door partially open or using outdated flap design. Keeps dogs and little kids out too! Love this design, very nice looking!
— Wendy Harrington, Seattle WA
So brilliant! I really could’ve used this when I had my two elderly kitties. my dog would bombard them and eat their food and litter box...agh! love this idea!
— Brittney Anderson, Chanhassen MN
I can’t believe how easy this was to install and how much my kitty loves it! So much better than a cat door. Thank you!!
— Jackie Thacker, Sundown NV